Michael Tierney - The DMR Interview Part Two

Michael Tierney opened his first comic book store in 1982, but Mike is far from being a simple retailer.  As an Alderman, Mike has been a crusader for justice and a force for change in his city, and sometimes-illustrator and publisher of his series of comics and novels, The Wild Stars. It would take a fleet, six-man Barsoomian flyer full of two-headed aliens to wear as many hats as Mike Tierney, and keep a mad, Kaldane hatter in business to do so. 

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To Dree, Or Not To Dree?

So, the other day I was rereading the first chapter of Robert E. Howard’s "People of the Black Circle" and I hit this line:

"Again that far, weirdly dreeing cry, from realms immeasurable."

That word, "dreeing." Obviously, the gerund form of "dree." But what was "dree"? What did it mean?

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The Norse Sagas of Poul Anderson: Hrolf Kraki's Saga and "The Tale of Hauk"

Just like The Broken Sword, Hrolf Kraki’s Saga is another dark Viking tale with many grim themes such as rape, violent betrayal, murdering of kin and incestuous relationships.  Again, there is a degree of witchcraft and sorcery that takes place, as well as quite a bit of great fighting and battle scenes.  

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Michael Tierney - The DMR Interview Part One

“Restoring the 5000 images and gathering the books represented in the Edgar Rice Burroughs 100 Year Art Chronology was a labor of love. It's great to be able to share the adventure I had discovering the fantastic worlds created by ERB, and to share the visualizations of these worlds created by many talented artists.”

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Long-Awaited Collection of Manly Wade Wellman's Kardios Stories Coming Soon

In the late ‘70s legendary pulp fictioneer Manly Wade Wellman created a fantasy hero named Kardios, who was the last survivor of Atlantis. The five tales of Kardios Wellman penned appeared in anthologies such as Swords Against Darkness and Heroic Fantasy, which are long out of print. For decades sword and sorcery fans have clamored for all five stories to be reprinted in a single collection.

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Mundy Monday: Queen Cleopatra

Cleopatra enlists Tros in her campaign to first ascend to the throne of Egypt and then to defend Egypt from Rome, the all-powerful and ever-hungry war machine that dominates the Mediterranean world. To do this, she will use every resource she can muster and all of her charms to beguile the one man who can master Rome and make it obey: Caesar himself. 

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