Long-Awaited Collection of Manly Wade Wellman's Kardios Stories Coming Soon


In the late ‘70s legendary pulp fictioneer Manly Wade Wellman created a fantasy hero named Kardios, who was the last survivor of Atlantis. The five tales of Kardios Wellman penned appeared in anthologies such as Swords Against Darkness and Heroic Fantasy, which are long out of print. For decades sword and sorcery fans have clamored for all five stories to be reprinted in a single collection, but their cries fell on deaf ears.

We at DMR Books have heard your call! Just as we brought collections by Weird Tales writers Nictzin Dyalhis and Clifford Ball into paperback for the first time, we will do what has never been done before and present to you a Kardios collection!

Even better, the collection, which is entitled Heroes of Atlantis & Lemuria, will contain more than just Kardios stories. All three of Frederick Arnold Kummer, Jr.’s sword and sorcery stories set in Lemuria will be included as well. These Lemurian adventures have never been collected before, either. If that’s not enough, we’ll top it off with a hard to find Leigh Brackett story set in Mu!

Heroes of Atlantis & Lemuria will be available mid-September. That’s just a few short weeks away, so keep an eye out for it. It will be published in trade paperback and digital formats.

Table of Contents:

Straggler From Atlantis by Manly Wade Wellman
The Dweller in the Temple by Manly Wade Wellman
The Guest of Dzinganji by Manly Wade Wellman
The Seeker in the Fortress by Manly Wade Wellman
The Edge of the World by Manly Wade Wellman
Adventure in Lemuria by Frederick Arnold Kummer, Jr.
Intrigue in Lemuria by Frederick Arnold Kummer, Jr.
Volcano Slaves of Mu by Frederick Arnold Kummer, Jr.
Lord of the Earthquake by Leigh Brackett

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