Death Dealers & Diabolists

Are you ready for adventure? This anthology will take you from fifth-century Constantinople to Dark Age Finland to places beyond imagining. You will encounter a former gladiatrix in the employ of demon summoners, an overly ambitious barbarian chieftain, a doddering pyromancer, and incarnations of holy warriors of India.

Death Dealers & Diabolists contains eight exciting tales of swords and sorcery by an assortment of talented authors, including Buzz Dixon (writer for the Transformers, G.I. Joe, and Thundarr the Barbarian cartoons) and Keith Taylor (author of the Bard series).

Stories included:

“Q’a the Librarian” by Buzz Dixon
“The Man With the Evil Eye” by Keith Taylor
“The Vault of Geigar Verakas” by Kenneth R. Gower
“Lord of the Wood” by Geoff Blackwell
“Ranorax, Son of the Tiger” by Mark Taverna
“Intrigue in the Unassailable City” by Carl Walmsley
“Three Coins of Doom” by Bryan Dyke
“The Age of Crows—The Return of the Swarm” by Jed J. Del Rosario

Trade Paperback: 9” x 6”, 212 pages, $12.99
Digital: $2.99

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