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The Thief of Forthe and Other Stories by Clifford Ball

After the death of Robert E. Howard, Clifford Ball was the first writer to follow in his footsteps and pen sword and sorcery stories for Weird Tales. For the first time ever, all of Ball’s stories are collected into one volume. A must-have for pulp historians and fans of fantasy, horror, and weird fiction!

Duar the Accursed
The Thief of Forthe
The Goddess Awakes
The Swine of Aeaea
The Little Man
The Werewolf Howls

Classic Size: 6.5" x 4.25", 206 pages SOLD OUT
Trade Paperback: 9" x 6", 162 pages, $12.99
Digital Edition: $2.99

”Nowadays, S&S is a long-established fantasy subgenre, but once upon a time it was being built by a handful of writers like Clifford Ball. Dave Ritzlin has done a tremendous service in getting this book into print.” (Fletcher Vredenburgh, Black Gate)

“Inevitably, the reader will regret Clifford Ball’s decision to quit the field after creating these six marvelous tales, as the man was undoubtedly possessed of more than a modicum of talent. A very pleasing volume, this one, and more than highly recommended… “ (Sandy Ferber, Fantasy Literature)