The DMRtian Chronicles, 8/14/2019: The Clark Ashton Smith Edition


As today is the anniversary of the great Clark Ashton Smith’s death, we would like to showcase some of the previous articles about him that have previously appeared on the DMR Books blog.

"The Maze of Maal Dweb" by Clark Ashton Smith (by D.M. Ritzlin)

Out of Space and Time by Clark Ashton Smith (by Keith Taylor)

Raise a Glass of Atlantean Vintage (by Deuce Richardson)

Two Sought Adventure: “The Black Abbot of Puthuum” by Clark Ashton Smith (by Anthony Perconti)

TPK: “The Weaver in the Vault” by Clark Ashton Smith (by Anthony Perconti)

As a bonus, here are some CAS-related links that haven’t appeared in the DMRtian Chronicles before.

The first in (hopefully) a series of CAS film adaptations: Clark Ashton Smith's The Last Incantation (Kickstarter)

Weird Tales by Clark Ashton Smith From Early 1932 (MPorcius Fiction Log)

Weird Tales by Clark Ashton Smith From Late 1932 (MPorcius Fiction Log)

Forgotten Bard (Grognardia)

Pulp Fantasy Library: The Dark Eidolon (Grognardia)

Pulp Fantasy Library: The Enchantress of Sylaire (Grognardia)

Pulp Fantasy Library: The Colossus of Ylourgne (Grognardia)

Behind the Veil (New Iron Age)

Appendix N Archeology: Clark Ashton Smith (Goodman Games)

The Weird Tales of Clark Ashton Smith: Nightmares Forever Calling Me (Too Much Horror Fiction)

No Sleep till Zothique—Part One (Larissa Glasser)

No Sleep Till Zothique—Part Two (Larissa Glasser)

No Sleep Till Zothique—Part Three (Larissa Glasser)

No Sleep Till Zothique—Part Four (Larissa Glasser)