The DMRtian Chronicles, 8/11/2019

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“The story gives a convincing antiquity of atmosphere; it is hauntingly dream-like at parts... It is pervaded by beautiful, often lyrical, descriptions of bloody battle.” (Contains spoilers) Sword and Sorcery and Realistic Renderings of the Unreal: Howie K. Bentley's "Thannhausefeer's Guest" (Spiral Tower)

Momoa movie review: Conan: Legions of the Squid Hat (New Iron Age)

Cirsova Fall Issue Available for Pre-Order Now! (Cirsova)

Vintage Treasures: Heroes and Horrors by Fritz Leiber (Black Gate)

PulpFest 2019 Coming in Two Weeks (Castalia House)

Further on the Grill/Binkin Lovecraft Collection (A Shiver in the Archives)