The Chronicles of Caylen-Tor by Byron A. Roberts Coming in May


An ancient fortress besieged by a vast and unrelenting empire…
A mighty legion intent upon the conquest of the antediluvian world…
A tyrannical Serpent King ruling from his sinister Black Pyramid…

These are the chronicles of Caylen-Tor, the indomitable barbarian warrior whose cold steel carves a searing, bloody swath through the time-lost kingdoms of legend. A mercenary, a reaver, a king by his own hand… the saga of Caylen-Tor is one of pitiless carnage, dark sorcery and epic battle.



DMR Books is proud to present our next publication: The Chronicles of Caylen-Tor, a collection of three exciting novellas by Byron A. Roberts. It will be released in early May in three formats: digital, trade paperback (6”x 9”) and a classic-size edition (6.5” x 4.25”), limited to 50 copies.

About the Author 

Byron Roberts is the vocalist, lyricist and founder of the UK extreme metal band Bal-Sagoth. An English Literature graduate, Roberts conceived Bal-Sagoth as a symphonic black metal project built upon an elaborate fantasy and sci-fi oriented lyrical concept, inspired by the novels, short stories, comics and movies he grew up with, particularly the classic pulp stories of Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft. The lyrical mythos of his Bal-Sagoth universe goes far beyond the band’s six album discography, encompassing novellas, short stories, and even graphic novels. Byron’s character Caylen-Tor first appeared in the lyrics of the second Bal-Sagoth album Starfire Burning Upon The Ice-Veiled Throne Of Ultima Thule, which was released in 1996. In addition to his musical and literary pursuits, Byron has long been involved in historical battle re-enactment societies and is proficient with a variety of medieval and Dark Age weapons. For more information on Byron’s work, visit and