The DMRtian Chronicles, 10/28/2018


Short Reviews – The Dark World, by Henry Kuttner (Castalia House)

The Broken Sword, King of the World’s Edge and Tower of the Elephant: The Pre-Tolkien Fantasy Challenge (Paul Lucas)

Another Pre-Tolkien Challenge post: Kwaidan: Of a Mirror and a Bell (Pulp Archivist)

John Campbell’s negative influence: The Golden Wall of Science Fiction (Rampant Coyote)

Make Fantasy Magical Again (Eldritch Paths)

Audiobook of Robert E. Howard poetry: The Gods of Easter Island (Fedogan and Bremer)

Dark Horse Comics Liquidates 48 Conan Collections (Bleeding Cool)

A Monster-God for Edmond Hamilton’s Birthday (Adventures Fantastic)

New deluxe art book: Sanjulián: Master of Fantasy Art (Kickstarter)

Clark Ashton Smith’s influence on the Lovecraft Mythos (and vice versa): Rediscovered: Klarkash-Ton for Hallowe’en (Don Herron)

Throwback SF Thursday: Mortu and Kyrus in the White City by Schuyler Hernstrom (Every Day Should Be Tuesday)

Four Conans by Berni Wrightson (Cap’n’s Comics)

Night Terrors: The Ghost Stories of E. F. Benson (Castalia House)