The DMRtian Chronicles, 10/21/2018


A comparison of Robert E. Howard and Sax Rohmer: Voodoo and Bat Wing (Howard History)

Rediscovered: Klarkash-Ton and Brian McNaughton (Don Herron)

New heroic fantasy anthology: Fierce Tales: Savage Lands Now Available! (Millhaven Press)

Volume Two of the Book of the New Sun: The Claw of the Conciliator by Gene Wolfe (Black Gate)

“Lord Insany”: Betjeman on Dunsany (Sacnoth’s Scriptorium)

Handmade limited editions of Dunsany, Lovecraft, and CAS on the way: The Work of Autumn (Pegana Press)

Capsule reviews of books by Thomas Burnett Swann (Strange at Ecbatan)

The author of the Spider shares his methods: How I Write, by Norvell Page (Pulp Archivist)

On Viking sagas: Tom Shippey’s Laughing Shall I Die (Washington Post)

Developing Fantasy Names for Worldbuilding (Taleblend)

Sword & Planet Character Name Generator (From the Sorcerer’s Skull)

Now on Kickstarter: Journal of Lovecraftian Science, Volume 3

Just in case you missed it, DMR Books is accepting submissions for the first time ever: Submissions