The DMRtian Chronicles, 9/22/2019

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Get a Free Sword & Sorcery Anthology from DMR Books! (Black Gate)

“My own name for the book is Swords and Excrement. If this is the new sword and sorcery, I want no part of it.” Swords & Dark Magic (Castalia House)

“Is this the worst adaptation of a Howard character?” Kull the Conqueror (New Iron Age)

A Wish, Some Grish, & Fiery Fish: Cirsova, Winter 2019 (Tara Grimravn)

Sword and planet series by Moorcock, Carter, and Brackett: Romancing the Planet(s) (Atomic Junk Shop)

Two by Tanith Lee (Adventures Fantastic)

Nameless Cults and Their Guidebooks (Whispered in Stygia)

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