Coming Soon From DMR Books: Warlords, Warlocks and Witches


Coming hot on the heels of the action-packed sword and sorcery anthology Death Dealers & Diabolists is its companion volume, Warlords, Warlocks & Witches. Like its predecessor, WW&W contains eight tales of magic and mayhem.

Stories included:

“Razorspike Spindle” by Mark Taverna
“Winter of the Witch” by Clint Staples
“Honour Served” by Henry Ram
“Twin Scars” by David C. Smith
“The Thing in the Field” by Harry Piper
“Shamaness” by Geoff Blackwell
“The Brides of Bmapth” by Spencer E. Hart
“The Glory of Ravens” by Paul Batteiger

Trade paperback and digital versions will be available in the coming weeks, while the classic size paperback will be out this fall.

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October - Swords of Steel Omnibus - Swords of Steel, with its novel concept of fantasy stories written by members of heavy metal bands, was the most critically-acclaimed sword-and-sorcery anthology series of recent years. Now every story from all three volumes is packaged together! Features Howie Bentley (Cauldron Born), Byron Roberts (Bal-Sagoth), E.C. Hellwell (Manilla Road), Mike Scalzi (Slough Feg) and many more.

November - Wulfhere by A.B. Higginson - In the Dark Ages of England, kingdoms were ready to be carved out by any with the ambition and might to do so. The mightiest ruler of all was Penda, Lord of Mercia, a man as strong as he was ruthless. He had no equal in martial prowess, excepting his son Wulfhere… Originally serialized in the pages of the legendary pulp magazine Adventure, DMR Books is proud to present the first-ever publication of this historical novel in book form.