The DMRtian Chronicles, 8/4/2019

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“This is an intense story, the literary equivalent of a balls-to-the-walls death-metal song, a narrative enactment of assault.” Sword and Sorcery and the Aesthetics of Assault in D.M. Ritzlin's "The Infernal Bargain" (Spiral Tower)

Ablaze to Publish “Uncensored” Conan Comics (ICv2)

“Focusing on male wish fulfillment fantasy is a symptom of immaturity, lack of sophistication, and boorishness.” A Critical Comparison of Sword and Sorcery and Espionage Fiction (Spiral Tower)

“This is an example our modern society’s obsession with equalitarianism. De-gendering the genre strikes me as post-modernism.” Men are From Cimmeria, Women are From Earthsea (Castalia House)

“Tales like The Iliad and Beowulf weren't born in the classroom or the lecture hall. They weren't even born in the grand auditoriums of the classical world. They were born by the fireside.” Sharpening Spears to the Songs of Great Men (Brain Leakage)