The DMRtian Chronicles, 7/14/2019


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"Gender aside, sword and sorcery dramatizes our gender-neutral, all-too-human fight against (and inevitable defeat by) time." Sword and Sorcery and the Inconsequentiality of Gender (Spiral Tower)

“With all due respect to Mr. Carney, I couldn't come up with a less-exciting description for the sword and sorcery genre if you held a fucking gun to my head.” Missing the Point of Sword and Sorcery (Brain Leakage)

“[Malcom (sic) Holmes, Jared Trueheart, and Daniel J. Davis] insist that S&S is male-centric and that its masculinist elements are the key to its appeal to readers. Sword and sorcery has balls, they insist hysterically.” "The Diamond in the Tang Where the Quillons Meet": A Sword and Sorcery Response to Holmes, Trueheart, and Davis (Spiral Tower)