The DMRtian Chronicles, 6/16/2019


“Some of you may recall the Avon paperback edition of this novel with a garish cover that makes it look like Ilsa the SS She-Wolf meets whip and Swastika bearing Leprechauns.”: A Science Fiction Review by David Vineyard: JOHN CHRISTOPHER – The Little People (Mystery*File)

Stories from the 25th Anniversary issue of Weird Tales: Hamilton, Bradbury, Bloch and Smith (MPorcius Fiction Log)

Early Fritz Leiber novel: Gather, Darkness!: Hard times in Megatheopolis (Fantasy Literature)

Faunus - Arthur Machen Essay Prizes (Wormwoodiana)

Rediscovered: Kevin Cook on Full Auto (Up and Down These Mean Streets)

Forgotten Book: Kuttner Times Three (Jerry’s House of Everything)

A Short History of the Gnomes: Part II (Castalia House)

Jirel of Joiry: Best 1934 Adventures (2) (Hilobrow)

Knight to Move - Fritz Leiber (1910–1992) (Story of the Week)

Jack Williamson’s The Legion of Space: Best 1934 Adventures (7) (Hilobrow)

Galad Elflandsson: Carcosa Revisited (Wormwoodiana)

H. Bedford-Jones: The King of the Pulps (The Pulp Super-Fan)