Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention 2019 Report

The 19th annual Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention took place this past weekend in Lombard, IL. It was a three-day affair, but unfortunately I was only able to attend for part of the day on Saturday. Five hours may seem like a good amount of time, but it wasn’t nearly enough to take in all the event had to offer.

Doug Ellis and Deb Fulton were gracious enough to share some of their table space with me so I could peddle DMR releases. Thanks again, guys, and next year I’ll get a table of my own. I promise!


A gallery of original artwork was on display, including pieces by Virgil Finlay and Frank Kelly Freas.

Clark Ashton Smith expert Donald Sidney-Fryer was in attendance. He edited the first CAS book I ever bought, City of the Singing Flame. I brought it with me and got him to sign it.


Of course, the best part is always searching the massive dealers’ room for treasures! I didn’t have a large haul this year, but I picked up some cool stuff. In addition to art books by Ken Kelly and Rowena, I got a copy of Bachelor Pad, a modern-day retro pinup magazine, the convention’s official publication Windy City Pulp Stories (published by Black Dog Books) and a few paperbacks, including Roger Zelazny’s highly-regarded novel A Night in the Lonesome October.


Due to my schedule this year, this post will be woefully inadequate in presenting all the wonders Windy City has to offer. I completely neglected the film festival, the discussion panels, and the auction of rare items from the Glenn Lord estate. Next year will be different, though. I’m already marking April 17-19, 2020, on my calendar. Keep an eye on the convention website for registration details. Hope to see you there!