A Tip of the Helm and Mead-Horn


And keyboard-jockeys across the aether
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
And hold their fanhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That blogged with us during the DMR Guest Bloggerama.

(with apologies to the Bard of Avon)

Well, the New Year's Guest Bloggerama is officially over. All good things must come to an end, and the whole phantasmagorical saraband finished with the posting of David J. West's book review on Friday. Here's my tip of the helm and mead-horn to all of the stalwart bloggers who made it possible.

Dave Ritzlin and I concocted the idea for it in late December. Having a bunch of friends and peers guest-post on the DMR Books blog seemed a good way to celebrate a solid year as a fully-operational weird fiction journal and to usher in a new year of even more cool content. We began lighting beacon-fires across the aether, reaching out to my sword-brothers from the old Cimmerian blog and to DMR veterans like Howie Bentley and Jon Zaremba. They and many others answered the call and took their places in the DMR shield-wall, if only for one month.

Some decided to stick around and ride a bit further with the DMR war-band. John E. Boyle is one of them. He will be launching a series of blog posts about pulp great, Talbot Mundy, tomorrow. You'll have to wait and see what other strange fruit the Bloggerama brought forth in the coming weeks and months.

For those who might have missed out on some of the posts, you will find below the Roll Call of Honor. Every guest blogger is listed—with hyperlinks to each post—from first to last.

Robert M. Price - The Reliquarians

Jim Cornelius - Saddle Up with The Grey Bastards

Charles R. Rutledge - Barbarian Life: A Literary Biography of Conan the Barbarian (Volume One)

Brian Murphy - Tolkien and Howard: Two Roads Diverged in Haggard’s Kor

John C. Hocking - On The Hole of the Pit by Adrian Ross

Jon Zaremba - Thoughts on Karl Edward Wagner’s “Cold Light”

Paul R. McNamee - John Jakes’ Dark Gate Novels

Al Harron - Sacred to the Memory of Scottish Strangers: Edgar Allan Poe in Scotland

Chris L. Adams - Collecting Merritt: "You Collect Who?"

Daniel J. Davis - Robert E. Howard and the Heroic Tradition

David C. Smith - Robert E. Howard as a Writer of Consequence

Mark Kirby - A Brief REH-Inspired Guide to Writing Great Story Openings (Part One)

Mark Kirby - A Brief REH-Inspired Guide to Writing Great Story Openings (Part Two)

Howie K. Bentley - War Hound von Bek: Beyond Good and Evil

William Patrick Maynard - Sax Rohmer: Under the Spell of the Supernatural

Robert Poyton - Review: Viking Fire by Justin Hill

John E. Boyle - Talbot Mundy – Wanderer, Philosopher, Storyteller

Keith Taylor - Palamides, Felimid and Arthurian Legends

Fletcher Vredenburgh - Lloyd Alexander 1/30/24-5/17/07: High Bard of Prydain

Christopher M. Chupik - Striding Through The Twilight

David J. West - Bitter Steel by Charles Allen Gramlich