The DMRtian Chronicles, 2/24/2019


Hither Came Conan: David C. Smith on Pool of the Black One (Black Gate)

‘Good Omens’ Producer BBC Studios Developing Adaptation Of Michael Moorcock’s ‘Runestaff’ Fantasy Novels (Deadline)

A Cormac Mac Art mystery that has yet to be solved: Who Painted the Cover for THE TOWER OF DEATH? (Castalia House)

Free D.M. Ritzlin Story – The Infernal Bargain (Cirsova)

Pulp Appeal: “The Tomb Spawn” by Clark Ashton Smith (guest post by Anthony Perconti) (Broadswords and Blasters)

Books read in 2019: No. 12 -- The End of All Songs: The Third Volume of The Dancers at the End of Time (Ty Johnston)

Short Reviews – Let’s Do It My Way, by Robert Bloch (as E. K. Jarvis) (Castalia House)

Hocus Pocus Universe by Jack Williamson & Queen of the Panther World by Berkeley Livingston (Dispatches From the Last Outlaw)

My Favorite Bit: Howard Andrew Jones talks about FOR THE KILLING OF KINGS (Mary Robinette Kowal)

Forgotten Books: The Galaxy Raiders - William P. McGivern (Rough Edges)

William Hope Hodgson's The Voice in the Night: A Two-Minute Summary and Analysis of the Classic Maritime Horror Story (The Classic Horror Blog)

Review of the entire contents of the issue: Weird Tales v36n12, July 1943 (SF Magazines)

The Tale of Arus and Gorm and the End of the Hyborian Age (Perilous Worlds)

The Rise of Secondary World Fantasy (Perilous Worlds)

Michael Tierney talks Tarzan and the Comics Industry (Cirsova)

Fantasy Monsters, Realistic Fights (PulpRev)

Andrew Haggard manuscript discovered: Vancouver Island Author Unearths Rare Victorian-era Manuscript (CBC)

Conan and Jirel: Robert E. Howard and C. L. Moore Part One by Bobby Derie (On an Underwood No. 5)