"The Infernal Bargain" by D.M. Ritzlin Now Available -- For Free!

Infernal Bargain BLK Wht - Copy.jpg

Ever since I started DMR Books, people have asked me if I’ve written any stories myself. Lately I have, and now some of them are ready to be made available to the public. Next month my story “Born to Storm the Citadel of Mettathok” will appear in Cirsova Magazine, but you can read another one of my stories right now, for free! Simply scroll down and sign up for the DMR Books newsletter and you’ll be able to download “The Infernal Bargain.” This story, which features illustrations by the talented Zarono, will be available nowhere else. Plus you’ll be able to stay up to date on all DMR Books news and upcoming releases (of which there will be many this year). So check it out!