The DMRtian Chronicles, 2/17/2019

Conan the Liberator.jpg

Hither Came Conan: Morgan Holmes on Iron Shadows in the Moon (Black Gate)

Review of an unsatisfying de Camp & Carter novel: Conan the Liberator (New Iron Age)

The magazine of thrilling adventure and daring suspense: Why the Name Change? (Cirsova)

Vintage Treasures: Doomsday Morning by C.L. Moore (Black Gate)

Weird western anthology: Dead Man’s Hand (Castalia House)

Betty Ballantine (1919-2019) (Locus)

Massive post on opposing viewpoints in SF fandom: Fandom: An Illustrative History (Part I: Origins and Tales From the Crypt) (…And Between the Wasteland and Sky)
Commentary on the above post: Science Fiction: An Illustrative Conversation (Castalia House)

Moorcock’s Dancers at the End of Time series: Books Read in 2019: No. 10 -- An Alien Heat (Ty Johnston)
Books Read in 2019: No. 11 -- The Hollow Lands (Ty Johnston)

Another lost race book from Armchair Fiction: S.P. Meek’s ‘The Drums of Tapajos’ (The Pulp Super-Fan)

Archaeology On Mars - From The Fantastical To The Real (Forbes)

2019 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Announced (Horror Writers Association)

Decline and Fall of an Industry (Kairos)

The Cave Girl and The Cave Man by Edgar Rice Burroughs (MPorcius Fiction Log)

William Hope Hodgson's “A Tropical Horror”: A Two-Minute Summary and Analysis of the Classic Sea Monster Horror Story (Classic Horror Blog)

Great pulp cover art: Amazing Stories by J. Allen St. John (Fantasy Ink)

The Art of Designing Nontraditional Monsters (PulpRev)

Jules Verne’s Radium Age sci-fi adventure The Master of the World: Best 1904 Adventures (1) (Hilowbrow)

Welsh legendry: Daronwy – The Prophetic Oak (Lorna Smithers)