The DMRtian Chronicles, 2/10/2019


Hither Came Conan: John C. Hocking on The Scarlet Citadel (Black Gate)

REH scholar/Skelos editor’s health crisis continues: The Last Word About my Tumescent Scrotum (Mark Finn)

Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. has a new Director of Publishing: Company Moves Publishing Division in a Bold New Direction (Edgar Rice Burroughs)

Arthur Conan Doyle's Lot No. 249: A Two-Minute Summary and Analysis of the Classic Mummy Horror Story (Old Style Tales)

Hyperion (Simmons, Dan, 1989) (Player None)

New massive Warhammer anthology: Gods & Mortals – An Age of Sigmar Anthology (Track of Words)

Index to the Weird Tales Collector Fanzine (Pulp Flakes)

Three 1943 Stories by C. L. Moore and Henry Kuttner (MPorcius Fiction Log)

"Clash By Night" and Fury by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore (MPorcius Fiction Log)

Back to the Arabian Nights (Karavansara)

More on the Clark Ashton Smith documentary: Film Shines Light on Auburn’s ‘Poet Smith’ (Auburn Journal)

James Bond cover artist: Happy Birthday Robert McGinnis! (Castalia House)

21st Century Horror Stories by Tanith Lee, Steve Rasnic Tem and Ramsey Campbell (MPorcius Fiction Log)

Ornaments in Jade by Arthur Machen (Dispatches From the Last Outlaw)

The Pursuit of Realism and Armors Made of Butter in Fictional Fights (Emperor Ponders)

Last Call to Contribute to THE PULPSTER (Pulpfest)

Merlin Tale Fragments Discovered in Bristol Archives (The Guardian)

Pulp Appeal: “The Master of the Crabs” by Clark Ashton Smith (Guest Post by Anthony Perconti) (Broadswords & Blasters)