The DMRtian Chronicles, 1/20/2019


Dissecting “Black God’s Kiss” by C.L. Moore: Vagueness In Motion (Mark Fuller Dillon)

Dwellers in the Mirage & Other Northern Fantasies (North-West Adventures)

Tales of Viking Fantasy (Tellers of Weird Tales)

Viking Adventure (Tellers of Weird Tales)

Sex and Horror: The Pulp Art of Emanuele Taglietti (NSFW) (Juxtapoz)

Forgotten Books: The Time Trap - Henry Kuttner (Rough Edges)

Edgar Allan Poe's Metzengerstein (Classic Horror Blog)

“I've noticed a common tendency among the current crop of science fiction authors to write books as if they're writing movies. That practice is understandable since most science fiction and fantasy novels published after 1980 suck.” Book vs. Movie (Brian Niemeier)

Robert W. Chambers' The Maker of Moons (Classic Horror Blog)

Jack of Shadows by Roger Zelazny (Dispatches From the Last Outlaw)

Lurking Fear from Necronomicon Press (Lovecraftian Science)

Pulp Stories I’m Reading: Robert E. Howard’s “The Horror from the Mound” (Mystery File)

From Altus Press’ Argosy Library: The Adventure Tales of William Wirt (The Pulp Super-Fan)

Upcoming release from Cirsova Publishing: Duel Visions--Coming February 14th (The Pulp Archivist)

“Knowing that the writer of a story is drawing most of his (probably unconscious) inspiration from movies or video games —worse, that he is not aware of that and believes he writes “realistically”— has been for a long time my #1 source of reading wrath and frustration.” To Fictional Characters and Minions: Please, Stop Charging to Your Deaths (Emperor’s Notepad)

Jack Vance’s The Dragon Masters (Bushi SFF)