The DMRtian Chronicles, 12/23/2018

A long-running weird fiction magazine is alive and well: A Year of Weirdbook (Black Gate)

Krampus isn’t the only Christmas spirit: Belsnickle — The Old, Weird Christmas (Frontier Partisans)

12 Classic Christmas Ghost Stories (That You Can Read Right Now) (Classic Horror Blog)

E. T. A. Hoffmann's The Nutcracker: An Analysis of the Dark, Creepy Story Behind the Classic Christmas Tale (Classic Horror Blog)

New space opera: Review: Superluminary – The Lords of Creation (Castalia House)

Throwback SF Thursday: Tales from the Magician’s Skull vol. 1 (Every Day Should Be Tuesday)

A lesser-known Weird Tales writer: We Need a Joseph Payne Brennan Retrospective (Adventures Fantastic)

Frazetta viking comic: FRANK FRAZETTA Meets Leif Ericsson (1950) (Davy Crockett’s Almanack)

Strik'n Vikings by Frank Frazetta (Cap’n’s Comics)

More on James Cawthorn: The legendary Gateshead illustrator revered by Alan Moore and Michael Moorcock (Chronicle Live)

There’s still time left to get submissions in to StoryHack: Submissions now open! (StoryHack)

Classic pulp cover artist: 120 Years of Hubert Rogers (PulpFest)

Warhammer novelist: William King Talks the Tyrion and Teclis Omnibus (Track of Words)

Conan illustrations: Some Barry Smith (Cap’n’s Comics)

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