The DMRtian Chronicles, 12/2/2018


Poul Anderson’s Birthday, Belated (Adventures Fantastic)

Birthday Reviews: Poul Anderson’s “The Valor of Cappen Varra” (Black Gate)

Christopher Tolkien’s final book: The Steward of Middle Earth (Weekly Standard)

The stories of Silver John…: Manly Wade Wellman (Easily Distracted)

…are about to be reprinted: The Complete John The Balladeer (Frontier Partisans)

Legendary Irish artist talks about the mythology that inspires him: Bóann of Newgrange - Where It All Began (Jim Fitzpatrick)

Exquisite editions of Poseidonis and Zothique stories: Clark Ashton Smith (Pegana Press)

Read these Robert E. Howard adventures for free: Free Library: El Borak (Karavansara)

The title says it all: George R. R. Martin is Your Bitch (Castalia House)

The best authors to be influenced by Clark Ashton Smith: Rediscovered: McNaughton v. Vance (Don Herron)

A Quick Peep at the Spicy Pulps (Pulp Archivist)

On creating magic systems: The Cost of Magic (Bushi SF/F)

Classic Conan comic: The Last Of An Old, Dying Race, A Lost Ship & The Death of A Queen (Paint Monk)

This week’s featured item in the DMR Books store: Lands of the Earthquake/Under a Dim Blue Sun