The DMRtian Chronicles, 12/16/2018


One of the premier new pulp F/SF magazines announces their lineup for next year: Cirsova 2019 Lineup (Cirsova)

Latest Elric comic adaptation: Melniboné Comes to Life in Elric: The White Wolf Volume 1 (Review) (Bleeding Cool)

More on Elric: Razör vs Comics - ELRIC Vol. 3: "THE WHITE WOLF" (Pulp Archivist)

Poe’s little-known military career: How Edgar Allan Poe Got Kicked Out of the U.S. Army (The Daily Beast)

A lost world story by the author of Nero Wolfe: Rex Stout's Under the Andes (Vintage Pop Fictions)

Comparing the originals to expanded versions of two Brackett classics: Ace Double Reviews, 15: People of the Talisman, by Leigh Brackett/The Secret of Sinharat, by Leigh Brackett (Strange at Ecbatan)

The Lost Virtue of Lean Prose (Bushi SFF)

John Carter on stage: A Princess of Mars by Hardcover Theater, a Magnificent Adaptation! (Norman T. Ray)

The Thing, John W. Campbell, and the Art of the Info-Dump Opening (Brain Leakage)

Books devoted to the history of The Unique Magazine: A Look at Weird Tales (The Pulp Super-Fan)

Vikings and Medieval Subjects on the Cover of Weird Tales (Tellers of Weird Tales)

The Broken Sword, Three Hearts and Three Lions, and The High Crusade: An Introduction to the Epic Poul Anderson (Bushi SFF)

Read the submission guidelines! Famous New Wave Short Fiction Writers School (Misha Burnett)

Sword and sorcery by the author of The Spider: Forgotten Books: FLAME WINDS by Norvell Page (1939/1969) (Davy Crockett’s Almanack)

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