The DMRtian Chronicles, 11/4/2018


Cthulhu Mythos anthology: A Mountain Walked — A Review (Eldritch Paths)

Fantasy from Weird Tales: The Sapphire Goddess (Castalia House)

Classic vampire novel: Hallowread: Carmilla Pt. 1 (Bushi SFF)

Throwback SF Thursday: Dracula by Bram Stoker (Every Day Should Be Tuesday)

Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair 2018 - trip report (Pulp Flakes)

A list of great short horror stories: Halloween Treats 2018 (Skulls in the Stars)

New Mythos novel: Review: “The Way of the Worm” by Ramsey Campbell (Lovecraft eZine)

Illustrated Gardner Fox collection: The Return of Dargoll & Other Pulp Stories (Castalia House)

Covers by Frazetta and Jones: Thongor (Cap’n’s Comics)