The DMRtian Chronicles, 11/18/2018

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Review of the Clark Ashton Smith documentary: Getting to Know the Emperor of Dreams (John R. Fultz)

“For a genre that has its roots in history and legend, it is amazing how few writers have any sort of connection with their own genre's legacy.” The End of Wonder (Wasteland and Sky)

The fourth and final volume of the Book of the New Sun: Ouroboros: The Citadel of the Autarch by Gene Wolfe (Black Gate)

Dune movie news: ‘Sicario/Arrival’ Production Designer Patrice Vermette To Reunite With Denis Villeneuve On His ‘Dune’ Reboot (Geeks Worldwide)

A review of the (alleged) Solomon Kane movie: Not-Quite-Solomon Kane: The Movie (Bushi SFF)

Revised edition of a pulp reference guide: The Updated BNT Guide to Pulp Fiction (The Pulp Super-Fan)

The Star of Life by Edmond Hamilton (MPorcius Fiction Log)

Book Review: 'Phoenix Prime' by Ted White (The PorPor Books Blog)

The Law of Wolves: A Short Fable by Schuyler Hernstrom (Barbarian Book Club)

Digging in to James Branch Cabell’s Jurgen: Koshchei and the Strange, Black, Turbaned Lady (Bushi SFF)

Monsters of the 21st century: The Eleventh Hour (Tellers of Weird Tales)

The Death of the Classical World: Reading The Darkening Age by Catherine Nixey (Black Gate)

This week’s featured product in the DMR Books online store: Save 30% on Swords of Steel II