The DMRtian Chronicles, 11/11/2018

Weird Tales Cover-1935-08-09.jpg

The Book of the New Sun continues: In Which Severian Becomes Human: The Sword of the Lictor by Gene Wolfe (Black Gate)

Halloween Offering: H.P. Lovecraft Versus Theistic Evolutionists (Evolution News)

Doctor Satan on the Cover of Weird Tales (Tellers of Weird Tales)

Classic Conan comics: Masked Assassins In The Night & Statues Attack! (Paint Monk)

Haunted Scottish castle: The Guardhouse Of The Bloodiest Valley In Britain (Frontier Partisans)

Fu Manchu and other Yellow Perils: A (Black) Gat in the Hand: William Patrick Maynard’s ‘Shades of Yellow’ (Black Gate)

Searching for a lost Robert E. Howard poem: Footnotes #2 (Howard History)

Two Collections by Hugh B. Cave (Pulp Super-Fan)

A Forgotten Pulpster: H. Warner Munn (Adventures Fantastic)

The Books That Made Dracula (London Library)

Gallery of barbarian art: Some Barbarians (Cap’n’s Comics)