The Road to Infinity by Gael DeRoane

Poised on the brink of manhood, young Aran Dyfar makes a rash and momentous decision that will either elevate him to glory or seal his doom. Obsessed since childhood with finding the legendary Road to Infinity, he forsakes his comfortable home and the love of beautiful Elfwina Catlix to embark on a quest through demon-haunted forests and forbidding wastelands in pursuit of his destiny.

Perilous encounters with magical beings and human adversaries compel Aran to hone the skills of a warrior. Though tormented by memories of his beloved Elfwina, he presses onward. When at last he finds the Road to Infinity, he confronts an unexpected challenge that will test the limits of his courage and guile.

The Road to Infinity will take the reader into realms of adventure and imagination evocative of Tolkien, Jack Vance, and Robert E. Howard.

Gael DeRoane is a writer and tennis coach who lives in Williamsport, PA. He is planning a sequel to The Road to Infinity.

Classic Size: 6.5" x 4.25", 296 pages, $10.00
Trade Paperback: 9” x 6”, 244 pages, $12.99
Digital: $2.99

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