The Infernal Bargain and Other Stories - A free anthology containing 11 stories (including a few you won’t find anywhere else) by some of our best authors.

Swords of Steel Volume I – The first groundbreaking anthology of fantasy and horror stories written by heavy metal musicians. Features E.C. Hellwell’s previously unpublished “The Riddle Master,” which was the basis for the Manilla Road song of the same name. Also includes stories by Byron Roberts (Bal-Sagoth), Howie Bentley (Cauldron Born) and more.

Swords of Steel Volume II – The swordsmen return! This volume contains an extra helping of horror, such as the philosophical Lovecraftian tale “That Than Which There Can Be No More Horrible” by Mike Scalzi of Slough Feg. Eight stories total, plus two poems and a non-fiction essay by David C. Smith (author of the Red Sonja and Oron novels).

Swords of Steel Volume III – The latest installment of the wildest and most unrestrained anthology series on the market! Features the conclusion of Byron Roberts’ saga of Captain Blackthorne and a story by Mike Browning based on Nocturnus’ classic science fiction death metal album The Key! Plus Howie Bentley, E.C. Hellwell, and more.

Lands of the Earthquake by Henry Kuttner/Under a Dim Blue Sun by Howie K. Bentley – The first split release from DMR Books in the tradition of the Ace Double series! Lands of the Earthquake is a classic science-fantasy adventure from the pulp era that has never been published in book form before. On the flip side you’ll find a brand new sword-and-planet tale. A US soldier hijacks a Nazi spaceship and lands on a planet threatened by snake-men!

The Thief of Forthe and Other Stories by Clifford Ball – After the death of Robert E. Howard, Clifford Ball was the first writer to follow in his footsteps and pen sword and sorcery stories for Weird Tales. For the first time ever, all of Ball’s stories are collected into one volume. A must-have for pulp historians and fans of fantasy, horror, and weird fiction!

The Sapphire Goddess: The Fantasies of Nictzin Dyalhis – At last, the stories of one of the most unusual writers of weird fiction are collected! This volume contains all of Nictzin Dyalhis’ works of fantasy and science fiction, many of which have never before been reprinted. Those who love the wild imagination and masterful prose of authors such as Clark Ashton Smith and C.L. Moore are sure to enjoy this collection.

The Chronicles of Caylen-Tor by Byron A. Roberts – The Wolf-King of the north, Caylen-Tor, does battle with imperial armies and sorcerous serpent-men in three exciting novellas! Spectacular sword-and-sorcery by the lyricist of Bal-Sagoth.

The Road to Infinity by Gael DeRoane – Aran Dyfar’s wanderlust leads him on a quest to discover the mythical Road to Infinity. Along the way he encounters friends, monsters, and wonders beyond imagination. A picaresque adventure sure to please fans of Jack Vance’s Dying Earth and Lyonesse series.

Death Dealers & Diabolists – Eight action-packed tales of swords and sorcery! Includes stories by Keith Taylor (author of the Bard series) and Buzz Dixon (writer for Thundarr the Barbarian, G.I. Joe and Transformers).

Warlords, Warlocks & Witches – Eight more fantastic tales of action and adventure! Features stories by David C. Smith (Red Sonja, Oron) and Geoff Blackwell (Swords of Steel).

Heroes of Atlantis & Lemuria – Classic tales of adventure from the sunken lands! Includes all five Kardios stories by Manly Wade Wellman, all three Lemurian tales by Frederick Arnold Kummer, Jr., and a hard-to-find Leigh Brackett story set in Mu.

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Swords of Steel Omnibus - Swords of Steel, with its novel concept of fantasy stories written by members of heavy metal bands, was the most critically-acclaimed sword-and-sorcery anthology series of recent years. Now every story from all three volumes is packaged together! Features Howie Bentley (Cauldron Born), Byron Roberts (Bal-Sagoth), E.C. Hellwell (Manilla Road), Mike Scalzi (Slough Feg) and many more.

Wulfhere by A.B. Higginson - In the Dark Ages of England, kingdoms were ready to be carved out by any with the ambition and might to do so. The mightiest ruler of all was Penda, Lord of Mercia, a man as strong as he was ruthless. He had no equal in martial prowess, excepting his son Wulfhere… Originally serialized in the pages of the legendary pulp magazine Adventure, DMR Books is proud to present the first-ever publication of this historical novel in book form.

Karnov, Phantom-Clad Rider of the Cosmic Ice by Matthew Knight, Howie K. Bentley and Byron A. Roberts - Returning from battle, the warrior Karnov discovers his family murdered and his homeland ravaged by vampyres. Aided by witchcraft and sorcerous allies, will Karnov’s powers and burning lust for retribution be enough to avenge his loved ones, or will undead wraiths corrupt the earth forever? Classic horror film atmosphere meets pulp-style swashbuckling adventure in this action-packed epic.